The fierce feed competition puts forward new requirements on operation, internal management and production efficiency of the feed enterprises. How to strengthen and improve the production and management abilities? –By using the lean manufacturing and 6-sigma tools, the process of ‘Strategy - Implementation - Check – Improvement’ and the control methods, such as hierarchical responsibility processing procedures, measurement system analysis, statistical process, Hinter has built the systems of operational excellence (OE) which is going to establish a significant ability of operational excellence and enable the team to form a positive improvement way of thinking.

The successful implementation of OE project can accomplish our goals as follow:
· The optimization of the internal management of the company, eliminate the unnecessary waste, improve the management level of enterprise profit;
· accomplish standardized management, which could be a window to show operating strength of company and strengthen the customers’ highly trust & firmly faith in the enterprise;
· Improve management level of internal departments and production level (workshop, warehouse etc.), so as to reduce costs, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

With the principle of lean management, Hinter has accumulated a rich experience in OE project management, such as 5S activities, visual management and establishment of the improvement suggestion system, etc.