Good feed = good sale?
The value of farmers determines the value of the feed enterprises. Only the increasing value of farmers can ensure the sustainable growth of feed enterprises. Farming is a long chain, including feed, seed, farming technology, management ability, disease prevention and other aspects. Mistake on any points will lead to the farming failure. In order to keep a sustainable development, feed enterprises should ensure the farmers to earn profit. To guarantee the profit for farmers, we not only have to provide qualified feed product, but also provide all-round farming solutions. Sales model of aquatic feed industry has changed from the previous “product + sales” into the present “product + service”. Combining the marketing experience and deep understanding on feed industry, hinter has helped many feed enterprises reach the target “help the farmers to create more values, and promote the feed enterprises".

Service marketing method

· Standards of how to make customer
· Standards and procedures of how to
establish demonstration customers
· Process of how to build service-oriented
· Organizational processes of how to hold
the small technical communication meetings
· Process of how to make the product medium effect exhibitions
· Organizational processes of how to hold the large investment meetings
· Process of how to organize the factory tours

Special presentations of service-marketing