9 Research Departments

Animal Nutrition Laboratory

· Animal nutrition demands and feed formulation design

· Research and development of green feed additives

Biotechnological Laboratory

· R&D of special aquaculture vaccine

· Development of bio-active protein which should be functional

· R&D of rapid diagnostic techniques for  fish and shrimp diseases

Detection Technology Laboratory

· Research of detection technology for banned chemical composition in the feed

· Research of detection technology for the hazardous ingredients in the feeds and raw materials


Microbial Engineering Laboratory

· Quality improvement of low-quality and low-cost feed ingredients

· Development and application of microbial products

· Development and application of feed enzymes

Biochemical Laboratory

· Development of the vegetable active substances being functional

· Biological applications of chemical synthesis technology

Animal Breeding Laboratory

· R&D of breeding and seed selection technique of high-quality shrimp

· R&D of breeding and seed selection technique technology of high-class fishes

Water Quality and Live Aquatic Food Organisms Laboratory

· Research of aquatic food organisms on cultivation and large-scale application

· Research of aquatic food organisms and aquaculture water quality control


Animal Medicine Laboratory

· Disease control and development of new drugs for fish and shrimp

· Development of animal immunological technique and related products


Cultivation Technology Laboratory

· Research of model optimization technique integration in the aquaculture

· R&D of sustainable healthy aquaculture modes

1 R&D center

· Goal:

To be the first-class professional services organization for detection,
research and development in feed industry.

· Our functions are as follows:

Quality control of Hinter premix products;

R&D of detection technology on aquafeed and
premix products;

Providing service for customers, including quality identification of ingredients
and products, detection skills training, etc.

R&D of detection technology for products in the new product lines.

Six Pilot Test Bases

Ningde Marine Fish Test Base (Fujian); Seagull Island Freshwater Fish Test Base (Panyu); Zhanjiang Donghai Island Prawn Test Base; Seagull Island Duck Test Base (Panyu); Gangtou Chicken Test Base (Gaoming); Wenchang Pig Test Base (Haikou)

Three-grade R&D system

To ensure the effect of the product, all of Hinter’s additives and premix products had been verified strictly by the Three-grade R&D system and have been proved to be effectual before launch to the market, which include the aquarium test, pilot test and production test as well. Three-grade R&D systems was the reason that why Hinter's products were more welcomed than others.