• Hinter Symposium on Nutrition & Feed Technology of Fish & Shellfish was organized by Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co., Ltd and Guangdong Haid Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Research Center, which focus on the nutrition and feed technology of aquatic animals and was held every year. The special report highlights the outstanding technology, closes to practice, focus on the application, which is a good opportunity promote communication for the feed production enterprise.

    Hinter symposium has been inherited the theme 'encouraging communication and promoting progress of the feed industry' and persisted on technology communication, which is not only a window of Hinter but also a sincere action of customer feedback. It has become an important platform for communication of aquaculture feed industry peers and highly praised by the peers, whose size and influence is expanding every year.

    Hinter has held 26 symposia and shared 175 reports, which attracted more than 10000 industry friends to attend for consecutive 8 years since 2005.

    2006’Hinter Nanjing symposium

    Meeting Time:June 4, 2006

    Meeting Place:Jiangsu province

    Meeting Iinvited:Invitation

    Meeting Session:Highlights

    Different fat sources used in aquafeed

    Dr. Xueqiao Qian    【Director of Guangdong Haid Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Research Center】

    Energy raw materials occupy a high cost when used in aqua feeds. Fish oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil, lecithin oil, lard and other different kinds of fats, which can be used in aquatic feed? How many proportions can be added with different kinds of aquatic animal? Does it have any effect on growth, body size, resistant of transport capacity and other aspects with the using of different fat? The author will discuss these issues one by one.

    The important impact of quality control on aquafeed quality

    Dr. Zhenxiong Qi    【Director of Guangdong Haid Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Research Center】

    The different apparent colors may indicate the different digestibility of DDGS. According to the abnormalities of several characteristics amino acids can infer the adulteration of fishmeal. It’s the primary indicator to judge the quality of squid paste by testing of moisture and fat content. The important impact of quality control on the feed effect is often overlooked. How to build a reasonable and effective quality control system? How to reconcile the contradiction between quality control and procurement? This report will show you the construction and implementation of feed quality control system of Haid Group.

    The using and benefit of the terrestrial animal protein on aquafeed

    Dr. Yu Yu    【Asia Regional Director of National Renderers Association, Inc.】

    The price of fishmeal is soared this year, the feed formulations of aquaculture species which depend on the animal protein sources to grow quickly is facing tremendous pressure. Therefore, it’s necessary to pay attention to the using and benefit of the terrestrial animal protein, such as meat and bone meal, blood meal, meat residue powder, poultry by-product meal, silkworm powder, protein powder casing, etc. In this report, Dr. Yu will provide a useful reference with international perspective to the aquaculture feed industry.

    The strategies and effects with the different farming models

    Jiankai Wu  Vice-Researcher  【Senior Engineer of Guangdong Haid Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Research Center】

    Why there are the different feed effects when farming carp in Hubei, Sichuan, Jiangsu and other regions? How to make the position of the feed formulation with the different farming models? How to express the effects with the different feed models by using the same feed formulation? ...The author will show the insights about the strategies and effects with the different farming models.

    Carbohydrates utilization of marine fish

    Dr. Yong Wang    【Asia Regional Director of National Renderers Association, Inc.】

    Carbohydrates are the cheapest energy raw materials. Different aquaculture species have different utilization of carbohydrates. The study on utilization of marine fish is just getting started. In the report, the author will elaborate the utilization effects and mechanisms of carbohydrates with the example of grouper.

    Development situation and countermeasures of aquafeed

    Xiewu Jiang    【General Manager of Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co., Ltd.】

    Mouth and foot disease, BSE, and bird flu......Frequent zoonosis has played a serious impact on psychology and habits of consumer. As a direct result, a number of feed industry practitioners pay their attention to aquaculture feed. It’s a competitive era as the rising price of raw material. Is it the karma or accident? What’s the feature of aqua feed? The author will show the development view of aquatic feed industry with his professional accumulation and open vision.

    The effects of new extruding technique on feed digestibility

    Dr. Zongjia Cheng    【Feed processing Ph.D., feed technical manager of the American soybean association's Beijing office】

    The high temperature and high humidity conditions of extruding processing has greatly improved heating and digestibility of feed raw material. However, the destructive effect on the heat-sensitive material should not be neglected. For example, the digestibility of some mineral will decrease after the extruding processing. The author will show you the current data of the effects of new extruding technique on feed digestibility.

    The latest research advances of california perch farming and its extruded feed

    Dr. Xiaodong Wang    【Deputy Director Guangdong Haid Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Research Center】

    California perch fed with compound feed is prone to show anorexia, slow growth, anger swelling and other symptoms of disease when the body weight was rise to 150-200 g. So it cannot be fed with compound feed in all the grow stage. After 230-day feeding trial, the body weight of california perch fed with compound feed in Guangdong Haid Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Research Center is firstly grow to 300g that can be as commercial fish. What’s more, the percentage of the commercial fish is up to 60%, and the maximum size is above 750g. In this report, the lecture will show the latest research to everybody.

    Body color change and nutritional regulation of fish

    Dr. Min Zhao    【Technical Manager of Hinter Biotechnology Co., Ltd.】

    The body color of Channel Catfish is change into white from taupe. The catfish become black catfish......Many economy fish has discoloration in the breeding process. What factors lead to fish discoloration? Do they have any difference in discoloration mechanism between the fish with and without scales? How to change the fish body color with nutritional regulation...? You will find the satisfactory explanation from this report.

    Technological forefront of feed formulation and processing technic of shrimp feed and extruded feed

    Jiang Peng    【Deputy Director of Haid Engineering Center】

    Sometimes, nutritional science formulation cannot be implemented in production. Advanced equipment may not be able to produce the best products. These contradictions are more prominent in formulation design and extruded feed processing. It’s a challenge to make the potent combination of shrimp feed, extruded feed processing and formulation design, which is not only a test for a formulator, but also for a production manager. In this report, the authors will share the years of front-line experience in Haid Group with everybody.

    The selection of unconventional vegetable protein in aquafeed

    Dr. Yong Yang    【Technical Director of Haid Research Center】

    The price of fishmeal is soared this year. The feed formulation of upscale aquaculture species is facing tremendous pressure. In the other hand, the high price of rapeseed meal and cottonseed meal flung aquafeed formulation into confusion. DDGS, Brewer grains, malt root and corn germ meal...How to make the full use of the unconventional plant protein? In the current situation, it is an important practical significance to explore this issue.

    Technical service method of aquafeed sales

    Dr. Zhenhong Ding    【Technical Manager of Guangdong Haid Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Research Center】

    Why the same products may result in different farming effect? Why the high-grade products were less competitive to low-grade products? Why the competitors are apparently lack of technology, whose market coverage is growing increasingly? ......The reason of those puzzling problems is that enterprise is ignoring the technical service. With accumulated experience in this field, the lecturer will share the technical service method of Haid Group with the trade in this report.