• Hinter Symposium on Nutrition & Feed Technology of Fish & Shellfish was organized by Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co., Ltd and Guangdong Haid Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Research Center, which focus on the nutrition and feed technology of aquatic animals and was held every year. The special report highlights the outstanding technology, closes to practice, focus on the application, which is a good opportunity promote communication for the feed production enterprise.

    Hinter symposium has been inherited the theme 'encouraging communication and promoting progress of the feed industry' and persisted on technology communication, which is not only a window of Hinter but also a sincere action of customer feedback. It has become an important platform for communication of aquaculture feed industry peers and highly praised by the peers, whose size and influence is expanding every year.

    Hinter has held 26 symposia and shared 175 reports, which attracted more than 10000 industry friends to attend for consecutive 8 years since 2005.

    2010’Hinter Vietnam Symposium

    Meeting Time:March 26, 2010

    Meeting Place:Ho Chi Minh city

    Meeting Iinvited:Invitation

    Meeting Session:Highlights

    Quality control and selection of raw material for scaleless fish

    Dr. Song Zhang    【Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co., Ltd.】

    We usually know about the material by the external information. But we cannot fully and truly grasp the quality of raw materials only through the material behind the external information. In this report, the Lecturer will make a visual process to show how to optimize the raw material of aquatic feed and further explore its influencing factors.

    Farming situation and feed technology of Penaeus vannamei in China and Vietnam

    Xingcan Wang    【Market Director of Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co., Ltd.】

    China is the largest shrimp yield while Vietnam is the largest shrimp exports all over the world. Penaeus vannamei farming area is larger and industry development is speeding up gradually in Vietnam. The lecturer will compare farming situation and feed technology in China with Vietnam, which hope to find the development direction of Penaeus vannamei and its future.

    Color change and nutrition control of scaleless fish

    Dr. Yong Yang    【General Manager of Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co., Ltd.】

    Why Pelteobagrus fulvidraco is favored by the market while the yellow Pangasius hypophthalmus is not like this? Why fishes show different body colors? What’s the impact of feed raw material on the fish body? How to control the color and fish body through the feed formulation? With more than 10 years research results, the lecturer will share feed technology on scaleless fish in this report.

    Quality control and international news of oils in aquafeeds

    Dr. Peng Li    【National Renderers Association, INC】

    Fish oil, soybean oil, lecithin, lard oil, mixed oil... there are so many kinds of oils for aquatic feed in the market, which bring great confusion for quality control. Does the detection of acid value, peroxide value can stand for the fresh index? Whether the fatty acid must be detected or not? What are the differences of quality control methods for different oils? Are there any other simple and effective measures or indicators for quality control? The Lecturer will give answers to these questions and bring new information of oil quality control with the international perspective.

    Formulation technology and application of extruded feed of striped snakehead in Vietnam

    Dr. Taizhuo Zhang    【Technology Manager of Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co., Ltd.】

    Striped snakehead is a traditional aquaculture species in Vietnam, which is mainly supply for local consumption. It achieved development under the unoptimistic import and export situation of aquatic products. It was mainly fed fresh wild fish. But it caused a lot of problems, such as the high incidence of disease, serious pollution, low survival rate, high cost, little profit and the great pressure of natural resources. Development and promotion of extruded feeds greatly improved the situation mentioned above. The lecturer will share Hinter’s achievements of feed development of striped snakehead in China and Vietnam.