• Hinter Symposium on Nutrition & Feed Technology of Fish & Shellfish was organized by Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co., Ltd and Guangdong Haid Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Research Center, which focus on the nutrition and feed technology of aquatic animals and was held every year. The special report highlights the outstanding technology, closes to practice, focus on the application, which is a good opportunity promote communication for the feed production enterprise.

    Hinter symposium has been inherited the theme 'encouraging communication and promoting progress of the feed industry' and persisted on technology communication, which is not only a window of Hinter but also a sincere action of customer feedback. It has become an important platform for communication of aquaculture feed industry peers and highly praised by the peers, whose size and influence is expanding every year.

    Hinter has held 26 symposia and shared 175 reports, which attracted more than 10000 industry friends to attend for consecutive 8 years since 2005.

    2014' Hinter Xiamen Symposium

    Meeting Time:April 10, 2014

    Meeting Place:Jingmin North Bay Hotel Xiamen

    Meeting Iinvited:Invitation

    Meeting Session:Highlights

    Development status and trend of Aquaculture industry chain mode

    Dr. Yang Yong    【President of Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.】

    Frog industry chain is familiar to most of us. But different enterprises are operating in different way. On the one hand, the industry chain might be a good development direction, but on the other side, it might be a development trap. What is the suitable condition for industry chain development? How to avoid the adverse effects? Which is better for development, upstream or downstream? How many business lines are more appropriate for development? The reporter, based on his keen insight on the current frog industry chain, will answer these questions one by one.

    Quality control of fishmeal used in special extruded feed

    He Fen    【Deputy technical director of Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.】

    Fishmeal covers a great part in frog feed. And a good fishmeal plays a key role in expressing feed effects. In recent years, poor quality and adulterated fishmeal are common in the market as it is hard to find out. If buying the fake fishmeal, it will not only cause the quality problem and ruin the market brand established before, but also lead to a great loss. How to identify the quality of fishmeal quickly? The reporter, based on her rich experience in quality control of fishmeal for many years, will answer the question mentioned above in details.

    Quality control of oil used in special extruded feed

    Huang Hao    【Technical manager of Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.】

    Oil covers little in feed formula. But it is one of the key points to ensure the quality feed. There are so many cases that feed enterprises were paid a huge price for oil oxidation and adulteration. Why detection result is different for one sample? Is the lower acid value, the better? How to assess the quality oil by the fatty acid composition value? Why the detection value in extruded feed is lower than the value in formula? The reporter will show you how to make the quality control of oil used in extruded feed with a series of practical cases.

    The key points of extruded frog feed processing

    Qiang Kejun    【Marketing Director of Wuhan Mingbo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd】

    Frog feed process will not only affect the quality of the finished product, but also bring the different effect expression by affecting feed intake. The reporter, engaged in animal feed machinery industry for 12 years, with a profound insight and practical experience in feed processing technology and application technology, will share you the detail of frog feed processing technology with parameter control and other key aspects.

    New technology and development status of frog culture

    Xiao Jianguang    【Deputy technical director of Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co.,Ltd】

    In recent years, there are many hidden dangers exposed as the rapid development of frog farming. Seed degradation has become an indisputable fact. The lower and lower tadpole metamorphosis rates and higher and higher tadpole and frog mortality rates puzzled most farmers. As the increasing emphasis on food safety, the illicit and wrong drug use in frog farming will bring disaster to company. How to solve these thorny issues? In this report, the reporter will bring you some new technologies and development status about frog farming and will answer the problem mentioned above in details. Let's look forward to it.

    How to achieve steady and rapid development of aquatic feed enterprises

    Peng Zhidong    【Technical director of Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.】

    How to make the steady and rapid development for aquaculture feed enterprise? The intense competition and increasing differentiation in the market and the Group company development trend make many small and medium-sized enterprises hard to survive. Under the current situation, how to survive successfully seems to be the most practical business pursuit for most of them. However, in such a brutal competitive environment, there are still a batch of enterprises with good brand reputation, strong vitality and development momentum. How do they make it? The reporter will share you with the real cases for a steady and rapid development, which hope to provide you for reference.

    Efficient and safe formulation technology of frog feed

    Dr. Zhang Song    【Vice president of Guangzhou Hinter Biotechnology Co.,Ltd】

    Frog feed formulators are facing with a huge challenge as its single ingredient and the frequently fluctuate price. If making the adjustment in formula, there might be a problem for product safety and if not, corporate profits cannot be guaranteed. How to break the bottleneck, the serious homogenization formulation technology? How to make the adjustment in different periods? How to use the new materials so as to improve feed product competitiveness? There are still a lot of issues worth exploring for frogs feed formulation. The reporter, with system experimental exploration and rich experience in this field, will show you a rich frog technical feast.